For Schools

The Institute offers the following collaboration projects to upper secondary schools and gymnasiums: 

1. Using laboratories of the institute to carry out practical works. The content of the practical work can differ according to the needs of the group (e.g. microbiology, bacterial work, DNA detection, microscopy etc.). 

We also organize Genetic Workshops in the institute in regular basis for the students of upper secondary schools from all over Estonia.  

2. Listening lectures and reports on current topics in life sciences given by our lecturers, researchers or graduate students, both at the institute and in your premises.

3. Giving an overview about studying possibilities in our institute: curricula, perspectives in the labor market etc.

4. Welcoming student groups during Open Door Days or organizing the visit in our buildings according to the needs of the group. 

5. Using electronic lecture tools and video lecturers by our scientists in school courses (based on an agreement). 

6. Finding a co-supervisor to student’s practical work or helping to prepare a motivated student for scientific competition or Olympiad. 

7. Participating in work-shadow or student-shadow projects. 

8. Calling Mobile Bioclass to visit your school.   

9. Participating in the projects of the University of Tartu Youth Academy.