Honorary Doctors, Professors and Associated Professors

The institute, in cooperation with the faculty, has requested the appointment of several world-renowned natural scientists as honorary doctors of the University of Tartu.

It is a great honor for our institute that two persons, who have significantly contributed to the achievement of the statutory goal of the University of Tartu, among other things with significant financial support, have been appointed honorary members of the University of Tartu.

The institute highly appreciates its emeritus professors and associate professors for their great commitment to teaching and research. Several of them have continued to work even after the status of emeritus, either in the form of compiling monographs or supervising doctoral students.

Paul Broda, Honorary doctor in science and technology

Giovanni Romeo, Honorary doctor in biology

Frank G.Grosveld, Honorary doctor in science and technology

1997, 31. X
Nils Otto von Taube

2006, 27. X
Helgi Nirk

2005, 26. X
Agu Laisk

2019, 1. IX
Jaanus Remme

2020, 2. II
Ain Heinaru

2021, 1.III
Arvi Freiberg

2014, 1. IX
Evi Padu

2017, 3. III
Sulev Ingerpuu

2020, 1. II
Tiina Alamäe