Services for Businesses and Reseachers

At our institute, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of resources to support the scientific community.

Private companies, as well as researchers from other institutions, are invited to take advantage of our cutting-edge research equipment and state-of-the-art transgenic technology available in our vivarium. Whether you're conducting experiments or analyses, our facilities are equipped to facilitate your research endeavors. Additionally, we provide rental rooms suitable for organizing a variety of events, from seminars and workshops to conferences and laboratory meetings. Our core facility of transmission electron microscopy offers a variety of experiments and services to state laboratories.

Please note that as of January 2024, the standard rate of VAT in Estonia is 22%. This will be applied to several applicable services provided by our institute.

We look forward to supporting your research journey every step of the way.




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Transgenic technology

Solutions, microbiological media and distilled water

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) laboratory

Facilities and equipment in our institute:

Short-term use of premises

Research groups in our institute for more specific collaboration opportunities:

You can choose the most suitable cooperation partner from different research groups

Vaade laboris

Research and Development Projects

MR mere foto (Jaak Truu)

Environmental microbiology and biotechnology research group

Jaan Vihalemm

Industrial doctoral student combines work and studies