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On 1 June, at the last student parliament meeting of the academic year, a new student union board was elected. Medical student Renar Kihho will be the new President of the Student Body.
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On 28 June at 10:15 Rain Inno will defend his doctoral thesis „Placental transcriptome and miRNome in normal and complicated pregnancies“
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On May 18th, a joint seminar was held in cooperation with the Estonian Research Council (ETAG), the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Stockholm Office, and the Embassy of Japan to cele
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Mini-conference, Community meeting and Technology transfer workshop in Medical University of Lodz

Future top-specialists of Estonian life sciences come from our Institute!

The Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology of the University of Tartu teaches the offspring of young researchers at all levels. Our researchers are at the top level in world-class science.


Vilnius University hosted research management administrators and early stage researchers within the Alliance4Life consortium

Research Management Administration Academy Launched by Alliance4Life

The Alliance4Life members finally met in person in Estonia

Üliõpilased õppimas

Bachelor's studies

Üliõpilased laboris

Master's studies

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MR Mikrokraad foto Reidar Andreson

Micro-Credential Programme

New publications by IMCB's scientists:

Chair of Molecular Biology: The article "Ribosome Protein Composition Mediates Translation during the Escherichia coli Stationary Phase" shows that changes in ribosome protein composition are critical for regulating protein synthesis in E. coli during the stationary phase. Ribosomal protein expression changes during this phase, leading to altered ribosome composition and translation efficiency. These findings shed light on bacterial adaptation and survival under challenging conditions and have implications for developing new strategies to combat bacterial infections.

Ribosome Protein Composition Mediates Translation during the E. coli Stationary Phase

Chair of Developmental Biology: The article "Coordination of tissue homeostasis and growth by the Scribble-α-Catenin-Septate junction complex" shows how apicobasal polarity (ABP), a feature of epithelial cells, affects tissue growth and homeostasis in the Drosophila wing imaginal disc as a model. Scribble, a key ABP determinant, interacts with α-Catenin and the Septate junction complex to regulate tissue growth and prevent neoplasia. This study reveals how cell-cell communication among optimal and sub-optimal cells coordinates epithelial function and integrity.

Coordination of tissue homeostasis and growth by the Scribble-α-Catenin-Septate junction complex

Chair of Genetics: The effect of microorganisms on the decomposition of organic matter in black shale (graptolite argillite), as well as on the leaching and/or precipitation of metals (V, Mo, U and Zn) was studied. Graptolite argillite in the bedrock of Estonia is a habitat for microbes (inactive cells or spores). For the first time, the research combined two seemingly contradictory goals: firstly, to use the rock as a source of methane generation and secondly, as a metal ore. This was achieved thanks to the thorough competence in environmental microbiology and genetics of IMCB's scientists.

Methanogenesis and metal leaching on anaerobic decomposition of graptolite argillite

Inauguration Speeches

Defenses of doctoral theses

Information for students

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Services for Businesses and Reseachers

Valges kitlis naeratav naine kemikaalide riiulite juures, võtmas riiulilt reagenti
Valges kitlis noormees laboris töötamas

Mobile Bioclass

The goal of the Mobile bioclass is to introduce life sciences for schoolchildren and to increase their interest in biotechnology and related disciplines. 


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