About Us

The Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology conducts research in molecular life sciences and provides "white biology" education at all three levels: bachelor's, master's and doctoral. Research includes experimental research in biochemistry, bioinformatics, developmental biology, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology and genetics, from microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, yeasts) to multicellular organisms (fruit fly, mouse, human).

 The Institute coordinates five curricula:

• "Gene Technology“ bachelor's curriculum
• "Molecular Life Sciences“ and "Biomedicine“ master’s curricula
• "Molecular and Cell Biology“ and "Gene Technology“ doctoral curricula
In addition, the institute is a co-curator of the bachelor's curriculum "Biology and Biodiversity Conservation“ of the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences and the bachelor's curriculum "Science and Technology“ of the Institute of Technology (international curriculum in English).

During the study process, in addition to theoretical knowledge, students acquire a wide range of practical skills in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and microbiology. The need for specialists with such skills is growing in various research, educational and medical institutions as well as in biotechnology companies.

In addition to higher education, the institute also contributes to the promotion of education in "white biology" in general education schools. "Genetics Workshops" are conducted for high school students and in cooperation with the international biotechnology company Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics the "Mobile Bioclass“ visits schools all over Estonia for in-site practical courses.

During the years 2021-2023, the institute is headed by Maia Kivisaar, Professor of Microbial Genetics.

Strategic Plan of the Institute

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The location of the Institute: Riia Street 23, Tartu
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