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Recipients of University of Tartu honorary decorations from IMCB announced

On 28 October, the senate of the University of Tartu announced the honorary decorations ​​​​​​of the year 2022.  Among others, three people from the institute of molecular and cell biology (IMCB) received the the honorary decorations. The rector will present the university’s honorary decorations to the recipients at a ceremony on 25 November. 


Decoration “100 Semesters at the University of Tartu” 

Academician, Professor of Archaeogenetics and Professor of Population Richard Villems was awarded with decoration “100 Semesters at the University of Tartu”.

University of Tartu Badge of Distinction  

Kalle Tihemets, Senior Specialist for Information Technology with a long-term connection to IMCB and the Faculty of Science and Thechnology, and Hannes Ruusmaa, a bachelor's student in gene technology curriculum, who was the president of the Biosciences Students' Association in 2020-2022 and today's working group leader, also a member of University of Tartu Student Union and a student member of IMCB's council, were awarded with University of Tartu Badge of Distinction.



In the pictures, from left to right, Richard Villems, Kalle Tihemets and Hannes Ruusmaa.


All university members may nominate candidates for the honorary decorations of the university. They must submit the candidate’s name and a brief justification of the nomination on the university’s website. The senate makes the decision on awarding the Grand Medal at its meeting in October; the rector decides the awarding of the Medal, the Badge of Distinction and the decoration “100 Semesters at the University of Tartu” immediately after the senate’s meeting in October. 


The full list of recipients of University of Tartu honorary decorations are published on the website of the University of Tartu.


Full photo gallery of the event.
Video recording of the event.

Photos of the ceremony on 25 November (Andres Tennus)

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