Conference to discuss three pillars of circular bioeconomy

The conference "Three Pillars of Circular Bioeconomy: Talent, R&D, and Technologies" took place at the Öpik Conference Centre in Tallinn (Valukoja 8) on 12 and 13 February 2024. Registration for the event is open until 6 February. The event was organised by the University of Tartu's EU H2020 project, ERA Chair in Gas Fermentation Technologies, Enterprise Estonia’s Programme for Applied Research (EAS), and Metrosert’s Applied Research Division.

The conference focused on sustainable feedstocks and technologies in light of the ambitions of the Green Deal. It also highlighted Estonia's endeavours to establish an applied research centre and encourage innovations in DeepTech. Additionally, a seminar was held to discuss how to educate, train, and recruit talent for the biotech community. On the second day, a series of workshops were held that focus on how to advance your research to an effective product in the circular bioeconomy framework. 

“To make circular bioeconomy sustainable and viable, we need input from foundational research that leads to the development of innovative technological solutions, and further investments in these technologies. Also, one of the most important needs are talented professionals in various multidisciplinary fields. During the event, experts from Estonia and abroad will share success stories, insights, lessons, challenges and discuss how to make a leap into innovative and sustainable bioeconomy,” said one of the event organisers, Associate Professor Ilona Faustova. “Everyone interested, including bioenterprise representatives, policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders, are welcome to attend the event.”

On the first day (12.02.24), the conference “Sustainable Feedstocks and Technologies for Circular Bioeconomy” took place. The conference had an international scope featuring renowned experts from Estonia and abroad who will deliver keynote speeches. The agenda covered a wide range of topics addressing challenges crucial for achieving sustainability. These included bioprocessing and biomanufacturing, valorisation of wood and food industry waste products, CO2 capture from the atmosphere for resource-efficient production of food ingredients and chemicals, and perspectives on future foods, etc. Also, the strategies of how to motivate companies to embrace R&D risks and invest in innovations were explored.

The second day (13.02.24) was split into two main parts. The seminar part “Educating, Training, and Recruiting Talents for Circular Bioeconomy”  focused on current and future talents’ effective ways of education. Also, talent attraction strategies, the needs and demands of the biotech industry and various training methods will be explored. 

The workshop session “Commercialise and Advance Your R&D for Circular Bioeconomy”, was led by experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, science, and policymaking. Participants got a hands-on experience to advance their knowledge and skills to support the transition of novel knowledge into innovative products.

Photos of the first day (author Maksim Toome)

Photos of the second day (author Maksim Toome)


The full programme of the event can be found here: 

Registration until 6 February


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