Exhibition of Anu Kaur's oil paintings in the Omicum atrium


Jubilee exhibition “TEEL” (“ON THE ROAD”)
Exhibition of oil paintings by ANU KAUR

From 5 December 2022 to 8 January 2023
Omicum Gallery (Riia 23, Tartu) open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Anu Kaur writes about her exhibition as follows:

The overview exhibition “Teel” (“On the road”) could be seen in September in the Palm Building of the Tallinn Botanic Garden. It is a great pleasure to exhibit my paintings in my hometown Tartu. In recent years, some of my paintings have been on display in Tallinn's Artium's Ühe Maali Galerii and Lootus Painting Studio's joint exhibitions at Nõmme Culture Center. I have been painting for four years, more enthusiastically in the last two years.

I have been curating the arboretum of the Tallinn Botanic Garden for the past 20 years. The trees are nice and the flora is extremely diverse, but painting gives a dreamy freedom that is necessary to feel from time to time.

Fragment maalist VESTLUS ALLEEL, õli 2019. a.


Fragment of the painting “CONVERSATION IN THE ALLEY”, oil 2019.


Curator of the exhibition, Kerttu Soans, painting teacher at Lootus Painting Studio:

“Anu is a spontaneous painter, an expresser of the uninterrupted undulating dialogue between the outside world and the inside world. By overcoming all kinds of painting technical obstacles and quickly going through an impressionistic approach to form, Anu has with this exhibition reached the fast, expressionistic style of representation that suits her best.

He is connected to the expressionists by his bold and maximally generalizing vigorous brush stroke, partially uncovered canvas surface, and painful criticism of an individual towards what is happening in society. However, this criticism is made controversial by the beautiful, even soothing colors chosen by the artist, which turn the pain in Anu's paintings into its opposite – hope. There is also no lack of humor in the paintings, which allows the viewer to maintain a distance with excessive seriousness.”


For the opportunity to bring the exhibition to Tartu, I would like to thank Anneli and Sulev, who introduced me to this exhibition place.

I will always be indebted to Lootus  Paining Studio, where the brush was put in my hand for the first time.

I also thank all beings - both living and dead for their inspiration, support and joy.

Best regards



Anu Kaur

An article about the exhibition was published in Tartu Postimees.

On 6 December, the pre-opening of the exhibition took place with Tõnu Kõrvits author's evening. The official opening of the exhibition took place on 20 December 2022.

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