Tissue regeneration research group

The main focus of our research group is the development of disease models and new therapies based on the results of patient tissue analysis. Particular attention is paid to regeneration disorders (chronic ulcers, chronic fibrous diseases).


Resarch interests:

* Regenerative biology - the role of progenitor cells in regeneration of tissues.

* Extracellular matrix - the role of ECM in modulating the activity of stem and differentiated cells during organ regeneration.

* Stem cell niche - the composition and functions of immediate microenvironment surrounding stem/progenitor cells.

* Tissue engineering - generation of miniature artificial organs for research and applied purposes

* Skin maintenance and regeneration. Skin pathologies with altered regenerative potential (eg chronic ulcers)


At the moment, the activities of the research group are paused and no new thesis topics are offered to students.



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