Art exhibition by Ülle Ottokar: “Rändronk”

A new exhibition called “Rändronk” (in English: “Wandering Raven”) takes place in March in the atrium of Omicum, where the artist Ülle Ottokar has combined two forms of art: plasticity and painting. The artist says, that the bronze parts of the works can be worn as accessories. The possibility to touch one part of the art adds a dimension of closeness and physical cognition to traditional painting. Each work tells its own story, which the owner of the picture can take out of the frame.

Ülle Ottokar was born in 1985 in Tartu. She studied sculpture at the Tartu Art College. The artist has stood out at the Rural Urban Art festival.
Having lived in many different places, today Ülle Ottokar lives in Tartu again and the title of the exhibition "Rändronk" (in English: “Wandering Raven”) refers to traveling and returning home.

Ülle Ottokar herself says about her exhibition: “I like the possibility that a part of the work made of dignified sculptural material can be removed from the picture and will be put back there. Just like going on a trip and coming home. In this way, the owner can proudly display his or her beloved art and offer joy to self and others."

There is always a dialogue between the painting and the bronze detail, which becomes complete when both details are together again. This is Wandering Raven (“Rändronk” in Estonian), who still returns home like an adventurous secret that is slowly unfolding. "

Ülle Ottokar, artist

At the sunset on March 6, the opening of the exhibition took place, which was attended by several friends of the artist, fellow artists, employees of our institutes and art enthusiasts from many places. Professor Maia Kivisaar, the director of UT Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, gave a welcome speech, and Toomas Kiho, the editor-in-chief of the culture magazine "Akadeemia", introduced the artist and read his own poetry. In his speech, Sulev Kuuse, the curator of the exhibition, mentioned the special nature of the exhibition and the good co-operation with Ülle Ottokar, both in organizing this exhibition and previously in the contribution to the internal health trail.

The official part of the evening developed smoothly into a relaxed atmosphere, with Ermo Leuska playing on the guitar and piano in the background. The improvisationally created band helped to make the evening even more magical, where Ülle Ottokar played a musical instrument called a handpan, to which were added djembes played by the artist's friends. According to visitors, this synthesis of painting, music and southern rhythms was a real cultural experience, which made the participant feel that the 30-degree heat and ocean might await them as they step into the night darkness behind the window.


The exhibition “Rändronk” will remain open in Omicum's atrium until the end of March.
Curated by Sulev Kuuse.

Article and gallery published in Tartu Postimees (in Estonian)


Photos from the opening of the exhibition Rändronk (by Sulev Kuuse and Teele Eensaar)