Bacterial lifestyles research group

Most bacteria live in biofilm, at least for some stage of life. We study the attachment of the cosmopolitan bacterium Pseudomonas putida, to the surface and the regulation of biofilm.

FleQ, a two-component system of GacS/A, a global second messager of cdGMP, Fis, etc., is known to be involved in regulating P. putida biofilm. Fis is one of the global transcriptional regulators that affects bacterial physiology, including biofilm and cell surface properties. We have found that Fis reduces cell surface hydrophobicity by repressing lapF transcription. Fis enhances biofilm by activating lapA transcription and activating NADH dehydrogenase genes' expression, the first component of the respiratory chain.

We currently study the cross-regulation of biofilm regulators and how Fis affects GacS/A pathway components and the regulation of gacS expression by excludon, which is the function of diversely transcribed mRNAs as asRNA. In addition, environmental factors influencing the formation of P. putida biofilm are considered.


Scheme used in the header: Regulation of biofilm formation in Pseudomonas putida (author: Riho Teras)

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