Exhibition "In a dream and in reality" - artist and scientist Inna Rebane presents her third painting exhibition at the Omicum Gallery

Inna Rebane (born 1953) is a physicist-theorist by profession, whose scientific work is connected with theoretical problems of optical spectroscopy. She studied painting at the Tartu Children's Art School under Silvia Jõgiver and at the University of Tartu Open University under Anne Parmasto.

Inna's paintings have been exhibited in Tartu and Tallinn: at seven solo exhibitions, including in 2023 at the Mikkeli Gallery in Tartu and in 2020 at the Tartu Art Annual Exhibition. The current exhibition at Omicum is already her third (previous ones took place in 2019 and 2021). The next exhibition at Omicum Gallery is planned for the year 2025.

This current exhibition presents a cross-section of paintings created over the past two decades. The depictions include views of the Norwegian mountains and Estonian landscapes from nature. However, in recent years, during winter coronavirus isolations, there was a need to resort to imaginative representations.

Inna Rebane näitus



The exhibition is open from August 14th to September 17th, 2023 (at Riia 23b/2, Tartu).

Curator: Sulev Kuuse.



Kursi koolkonna teosed Omicumi aatriumis.

Exhibition at Omicum Gallery - "KURSI KOOLKOND XXXVI"

Marina Aleksejeva looming.

Marina Aleksejeva's work on display at Omicum gallery

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