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Exhibition from painting students from Pallas University of Applied Sciences in the atrium of Omicum

From 26 September, the Omicum atrium holds a new art exhibition: the works of the students of the painting department from Pallas University of Applied Sciences and also paintings by Margus Meinart, head of department. Selection of the summer practice works of painting students of the 2nd to 4th year is shown.

The author of the paintings used in the webpage header is Margus Meinart.

Margus Meinart writes about the exhibition as follows:

The exhibition features 30 works by 13 students of the painting department and 10 works by the head of the department, Margus Meinart. Among the students participating are Jelisaveta Saveljeva, Patrick Tall, Mari Frühling, Kätriin Säde, Karoliina Tomasson, Caroliina Luhamets, Gertu Soosaar, Ingmar Roomets, Laura Marita Lappalainen, Hedi Kuhi, Erika Aasa, Kadri Kalve, Angeliina Birgit Liivlaid.

When Sulev Kuuse approached me with a proposal to hold an exhibition and suggested September-October, we were just painting with the students. For some reason, I immediately wanted to involve the students as well. Fortunately, Sulev came along with my idea and this exhibition was born.

The summer painting practice is one part of the learning process of Pallas students. Painting indoors all year round, it can be frightening when exposed to the sun and wind. In any case, adaptation takes time. As you can see, the students have coped with the challenges very well. The solutions are different, possibly even unexpected for young artists themselves. The results can be searching and different, but they are sincere in any case. My paintings are also the work from this summer. It is interesting to see my own paintings in a larger space and in a different context than the studio. But even more exciting next to the students' works. We can do it together.

The students' summer supervisors were Sirje Petersen, Tuuli Puhvel and Margus Meinart.

Could the summer exhibition become an annual event?

Thank you: Sulev Kuuse, Madis Liplap, Indrek Aavik, Karoliina Tomasson, Mari Frühling, Patrick Tall.

The exhibition is open from 26.09-21.10.2022

Curator: Sulev Kuuse


Photos from the opening of the exhibition in the Omicum atrium: