Hillar Ehaste's personal exhibition "Old and Modern" is on display at the Omicum gallery

Omicum atrium (Riia 23b/2, Tartu), which has become known as a regular exhibition venue, displays 10.08. - 25.09.2022 Hillar Ehaste's personal exhibition and those interested can also purchase paintings. Exhibition  "Old and modern" offers nature paintings from Estonia and other parts of the world, flower paintings, dance and abstract art.

Hillar Ehaste is a mining engineer by profession, who was first led to construction by fate. In the 1980s, he went to the Baikonur Cosmodrome and after returning from there he became the chief engineer of the Tartu Clinical Hospital. Hillar then headed to the construction of the pharmaceutical factory in Põlva to the position of head of technical service at Nycomed SEFA AS.

From a young age, he did motorcycle and underwater sports, ran marathons and cycled long distances. In recent years, his sons have asked him to put aside extremes, so now only golf and painting remain.

Hillar Ehaste was sixty-two years old when he decided to start painting. To be fair, he had tried it once in his life, but now he wanted someone to guide him and bring out his better sides. Therefore, he registered for a painting course at the Tartu People's University, which was taught by the artist Robert Suvi. It all happened five years ago.

In his case, it cannot be understood that he does not have a classical art education. You may or may not like this picture, but it does not show any naivety. Ehaste is a pure impressionist. Or a post-impressionist, because he doesn't just hit the dots on the canvas, he also rubs them apart. His color is so pleasant, there is no rawness anywhere. One tone sits next to another.

artist Robert Suvi

Hillar Ehaste belongs to Robert Suvi's painting studio, where adults - who each have a career in a different profession - go together. These people are united by joint painting sessions in the studio, as well as summer art camps either in Austria or France or, for example, in Kihnu, this spring in Tolo, Greece.

Hillar Ehaste has participated in exhibitions since 2017. Among them, for example, Robert Suvi's art studio exhibitions in Jõgeval (twice), a permanent exhibition in Suudlevad tudengid, a studio review exhibition in Omicum/IMCB gallery (twice) and Robert Suvi's studio field exhibitions in Gmünd in Kärten, Austria, Berre-les- Alpes in France, Tolos in Greece. In 2020, Hillar had a personal exhibition in Tartu "Spargel".

The curator of the exhibition is Sulev Kuuse, head of the vivarium of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology of the University of Tartu.

Exhibition is open on 10.08. - 25.09.2022, in the Omicum atrium (Riia 23b/2, Tartu), weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.


Media coverage in Tartu Postimees (in Estonian)

Photos from the opening event:

Kursi koolkonna teosed Omicumi aatriumis.

Exhibition at Omicum Gallery - "KURSI KOOLKOND XXXVI"

Marina Aleksejeva looming.

Marina Aleksejeva's work on display at Omicum gallery

„Harmonia Universitatis“ kontsert „Väike öömuusika“

The last “Harmonia Universitatis” concert this academic year