Piret Veski's art exhibition "Masquerade" in the atrium of Omicum

An exciting exhibition takes place in February in the atrium of Omicum: an Estonian artist Piret Veski, who is well known as a ceramicist, will present her paintings from years 2018-2022.

Piret Veski was born on December 12, 1963 in Tallinn. She studied at ERKI (Estonian Academy of Arts) since 1983, graduated in 1988 with a degree in glass art (teachers Vello Soa and Eve Koha). The artists says that she fell in love with Tartu right after her first visit to this city.
Piret Veski is currently teaching general composition and color studies at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences in Tartu. She is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association since 1993.

Piret Veski started painting in 2001. The artist's paintings are feminine and romantic and they all have a touch of mysticism.

Piret Veski designs the different frames of her paintings herself. When creating frames, she uses different materials: pearls, pebbles, plants, old window frames, driftwood, sheet metal, etc. The artist has compared the picture frame to a hat. She has said that the frame is the boundary between the soul of the picture and real life.

Since a person must have a hobby, I paint. Early in the morning when the world is still asleep.

Piret Veski, artist
MR maskiball plakat TÜMRIsse 3.02.2022 Piret Veski

The curator of the exhibition is Sulev Kuuse, Vivarium Manager of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Tartu.
This is the 20th exhibition at Omicum Gallery and it is the 16th exhibition curated by Sulev Kuuse.

The exhibition is open until the end of February in the atrium of Omicum building (Riia 23b / 2, Tartu).