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The University of Tartu elected a new senate

On 17 May, the election commission confirmed the results of the senate elections. 

According to the chair of the election commission, Academic Secretary of the University of Tartu Tõnis Karki, it was a pleasure to have so many candidates in the senate elections and that the e-elections went smoothly. "The year 2023 is one of a kind, with the elections of the rector, the senate, the deans and the student representatives taking place in the same year," Karki added. The year of elections will end in autumn when the deans of the faculties will be elected.  

1325 out of 2075 university employees eligible to vote took part in senate elections (63.86%). In the elections of academic staff representatives, all academic staff whose workload as academic staff at the university is at least 20 hours per week have the right to vote. The elections took place on 16 May by secret ballot on

From each faculty, four candidates with the highest number of votes were elected to the senate. The list of alternate members from each faculty was also established according to ranking. 

The University of Tartu senate has 22 members. The senate comprises the rector as the chair of the senate, 16 members elected by academic staff members and five representatives of students. The mandate of the new composition of the senate starts on 1 July. 

Academic staff representatives in the University of Tartu senate are as follows: 

From the Faculty of Humanities and Arts 

  • Raili Marling, 

  • Renate Pajusalu, 

  • Pärtel Piirimäe, 

  • Urmas Nõmmik, 

alternate members Aivar Kriiska, Ave Matsin and Liina Lukas, 

From the Faculty of Social Sciences 

  • Veronika Kalmus, 

  • Maaja Vadi, 

  • Eiki Berg,  

  • Marju Luts-Sootak, 

alternate members Kadri Ukrainski, Priit Vahter, Merle Taimalu and Kandela Õun, 

From the Faculty of Medicine 

  • Külli Kingo, 

  • Ana Rebane, 

  • Anneli Uusküla, 

  • Maris Laan, 

alternate members  Aare Märtson, Helle Karro and Kristjan Kais, 

From the Faculty of Science and Technology 

  • Krista Fischer, 

  • Jaak Vilo, 

  • Evelyn Uuemaa, 

  • Heikki Junninen, 

alternate members Liis Siinor, Alan Henry Tkaczyk and Ilona Faustova. 

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