Plant Physiology practical work at the Estonian Biology Olympiad in 2021, photo: Sulev Kuuse
Plant Physiology practical work at the Estonian Biology Olympiad in 2021, photo: Sulev Kuuse

The 61st Estonian Biology Olympiad will take place on March 12-13

The Estonian Biology Olympiad is organised for the 61st time. The activities - practical and theoretical works - will take place in the premises of Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Institute of Genomics and Natural History Museum of the University of Tartu. 

For more than two years, the organizers will once again be able to hold a full-fledged Olympiad. In previous years, the event was strongly affected by the corona crisis. Participants are expected from 29 high schools across Estonia, a total of 59 students. There will be 20 students from the 12th grade, 16 students from the 11th grade and 17 students from the 10th grade. The best 6 students from the ninth grade of basic school will be also participating - they have been selected based on school and regional rounds

The first day of the Olympiad is traditionally reserved for practical works - the topics are botany, zoology, bioinformatics and molecular biology. In each topic, the participants need to be fluent in the theory, but the emphasis is the ability to approach the topic from a practical point of view.
There will be 2 rounds of theory on the second day of the Olympiad. The topics cover a wide variety of biological disciplines.

The topics are chosen from life itself: cell biology and biochemistry, plant anatomy and physiology, animal anatomy and physiology, genetics and evolution, and ecology and ethology.

Sulev Kuuse, Head of the Olympiad Jury and director of the IMCB's Animal Facility

During the breaks, the participants of the Olympiad will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibition and collections of the UT Natural History Museum, as well as the exhibitions of the AHHAA Research Centre.

The opening lecture of the Estonian Biology Olympiad will be given by Edgar Karofeld, Associate Professor of Applied Ecology at the University of Tartu, on the topic “Peat Mosses and Marshes - One Possible Key to Achieving Carbon Neutrality?” The closing lecture of The Olympiad will be held on topic “Microbiome and Health” by Elin Org, Associate Professor in Genomics and Microbiomics at the University of Tartu.

By the end of the second day of the Olympiad, the best biology experts of the year 2022 in Estonia will be revealed.

More information about the Estonian Biology Olympiad can be found on the webpage of "Science School" of University of Tartu (in Estonian):

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