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Genetic Workshops for gymnasium students will be held again

On March 13, gymnasium students interested in biology will gather in the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology to take part in exciting Genetic Workshops.

Genetic Workshops, eight full days of interesting laboratory experiments and study cycles in the laboratories of the institute, will bring together 210 upper secondary school students from different counties. 

Each participating student can choose from two options the workshop they like and start solving the case of either the HIV receptor or forensics under the guidance of instructors. 
The workshops are organized by the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology together with the Biosciences Students’ Association who provides the instructors among students of Gene Technology and other related curricula in the university. 

Head of the Study Days in academic year 2022-2023, Agnes Vaht from the Educational Work Group of the Biosciences Students’ Association, says that she is truly glad to welcome the students in the institute. Agnes was one of the instructors of the workshops in spring 2022, this year she is the responsible person from the side of the Biosciences Students’ Association and has been communicating with the biology teachers and schools since winter. 

The organizers of the workshops still place great emphasis on the safety of students and instructors using Covid-19 antigen rapid tests and personal protective equipment for Covid-19. The students from different counties and schools are not put together in one study group and the groups of students are kept rather small. 

The aim of the Genetics Workshops is to evoke interest in genetics among gymnasium students through interesting laboratory practical works which enrich the school curriculum in biology and to highlight the importance of science in society.  

The visiting of the institute and participating in the workshops is free of charge for schools. 

Participating counties and schools in spring 2023:

Viljandi county  - Abja Gymnasium
Pärnu county - Pärnu Joint Gymnasium
Võru county  - Parksepa Secondary School
Harju county - Keila School, Tallinn Lilleküla Gymnasium, Kuusalu Secondary School, Rocca al Mare School
Tartu county -  Lähte Joint Gymnasium, Nõo Gymnasium, Elva Gymnasium

Genetic Workshops were awarded with the main prize of Science Popularization by the Estonian Research Council in 2019. 

More about the Genetic Workshops.  

The workshops are supported by:  
Estonian Research Council 
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Bioscience Students' Association
Bioatlas Ltd
Solis BioDyne Ltd

The cover photo is taken during the workshop in March 2022 by Andres Tennus (University of Tartu).

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Genetics Workshop is a practical Study Day organized by the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) for upper secondary school students,
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