Teele Eensaar

Scientists' Night and Family Day filled the institute with happy guests

The institute's Family Day together with Scientists' Night brought together many people interested in biology.

On September 30, Researchers' Night with a Family Day was organized at the institute. The organizers were happy to host so many enthusiastic guests, including children with grandparents, students, employees' family members and friends.  

The program started at 2 PM with opening words provided by vice-director of the institute, Margus Leppik and project manager Teele Eensaar. This was followed by a house tour during which the laboratories, the university's first indoor health trail, student room and art exhibition were visited. 
The workshops took place between 3 PM and 6 PM. 

In the workshop on microbial art, sponsored by Estonian Society for Microbiology, microbial collection CELMS, being an event of the international microorganism day celebrated in Estonia, guided by Associated Professor of Microbiology Triinu Visnapuu, the participants had an opportunity to draw with microbes creating a piece of art or cipher. 
The participants got an overview of the safety requirements when working with microbes, the basic techniques of microbial art, and tried "painting" with bacteria themselves. 
Photos were taken of the completed works and the participants can download them later from the link provided.

The second workshop explored the secrets of DNA. The participant's own DNA was made visible by simple means and studied. The laboratory equipment for DNA analysis was introduced.
The workshop was carried out in collaboration with the Biosciences Students Association and science popularization project "Mobile Bioclass", the coordinator of the workshop was Marcella Laura Polverino.

The third workshop was dedicated to the microscopic beauty inside and around us exploring our own cells and microbes on our hands under a microscope glass. The supervisors
were Research Fellow of Cell Biology Signe Värv and Engineer Dmitri Lubenets, they were assisted by PhD Student Henel Jürgens. 

We thank all the participants for coming and having fun with us!

The photo gallery about the day, photos by Margus Leppik and Teele Eensaar:




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